Pazzam Studio

Pazzam Studio makes fun, whimsical and competitive games.
      Matches top, new talent with experienced oversight.
            Runs lean with minimal corporate overhead.

A Little About Us

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Pazzam Studio was formed to provide a family-friendly, fun game experience at whatever level you wish to play without breaking your bank account. It's purpose is to provide options for whimsical fun all the way to gaming competitiveness.

A second purpose of Pazzam Studio is to bring together top-level game programmers, designers and artists to give oversight and provide advancement to promising talent. We have begun working with schools that offer degrees in game design and technology. Their students are participating in our projects.

Our third purpose is to minimize administrative overhead, so that all team members can receive a higher percentage of revenue as royalties for their work.

How Can We Run So Lean?

The owner of Pazzam Studio, David Brumbaugh, is also the CTO of 3B Alliance, LLC, the company that owns and operates AreteXtm eCommerce Services. Pazzam Studio developed the Virtual Economy Manager, which nestles within the AreteX utility. This combination of digital wizardry provides accurate, transparent, lean, and rapid collection and distribution of game-play revenue with automatic royalty payments to our contributing team members.


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