Production Process

Our team members are geographically diverse.
The work flow process requires coordinated management of asset creation, simulation programming and user interface development.

Work Flow

The Pazzam production process is as follows:
1. The asset team creates bitmaps, sprites, textures, etc. for the game.
2. The simulation programmer codes the physics and AI of the underlying game.
3. The UI Programmer assembles the assets into HTML5/Javascript, and attaches them to the sim objects.

The Schedule

The Producer/Associate Producer watches the schedule and support ticket queue for feedback from the testers.
* He confirms that what is in the alpha/beta/production environment matches what is in the project plan.
* He contacts the appropriate supervisor to call attention to issues and help resolve them.

The Directors

The Creative Director and Technical director provide overall support and strategic guidance. The Creative Director monitors the quality and timeliness of the asset team.

The Supervisor

The Supervisor makes sure that the developers understand what needs to be done and how. The Supervisor's job is to balance the feedback from the play testers, with the capablity of the team and the production schedule. The supervisor decides when it's time to go from "Development" to "Alpha", from "Alpha" to "Beta" and from "Beta" to "Play Test".

The Creative and Technical Directors are responsible for the deliverables in each phase, and decide when to go from "Play Test" to "Production".