Our Games

Our games are intentionally designed to be
Fun * Strategic * Visually Appealing * Competitive
Friendly * Social

The Road of Realms

Pazzam Studio uses the idea of Realms to theme its games. Each Realm has its own artistic style, game play mechanics and story genre. The Road of Realms is a thematic link between realms. After the first Realm, Kringle's Polar Challenge, has launched, Pazzam will begin work on its next realm.

Each realm hosted by Pazzam Studio will use its own virtual currency, known as the Coin of the Realm. Players will be able to purchase and earn Pazzam Tokens in various ways. The Pazzam Virtual Economy Manager will instantly convert these tokens into the appropriate Coin of the Realm during game play.

Kringle's Polar Challenge - Game Specifications

Pazzam Studio is planning to develop Kringle's Polar Challenge with the support of backers from Kickstarter.com. We invite all potential supporters to study our specification documents. The specification PDFs listed under each game have details about game play and game play mechanics.

Snow Fort: Into the Swirling Fray

The entire Snow Fort: Into the Swirling Fray specification is a 32 page PDF document. Click here to download the entire specification.
To download the PDF document in smaller files, we have broken it up into three sections:

The Official Naughty or Nice Index

The Naughty or Nice Index game is designed to be a fun, social activity that encourages light hearted interaction within your social networks. As gifts are sent, the "nice" score raises. As gags are sent, the "naughty" score increases. There will also be rewards sent to those who are "very nice" or "very naughty." This game will be available on this website and Facebook before expanding onto other social networks.

Click here to download The Official Naughty or Nice Index specification PDF.