Virtual Economy Management

The VEM System and the Pazzam Virtual Currency
Paying Our Contributors and Team
Gifting Kickstarter Backer Reward Tokens

The Virtual Economy Management (VEM) System

The Pazzam Studio VEM (Virtual Economy Management) system is built upon modern design concepts and more traditional economic principles. The VEM is ultimately a system that automatically tracks and manages the relationships between digital services, commonly known as virtual goods and virtual currency, and real money.

Some game production companies plan inflation into their virtual currency. Specifically, they allow people who spend more money to get more game play per dollar. And while giving a break to your best clients is not a bad thing, it can get out of hand - - - and often does. To counter the resulting inflation, the game companies raise the prices of their virtual goods. It creates a spiraling effect. This does not promote a solid virtual economy. But it is a modern marketing technique. That type of policy is inconsistent with Pazzam's principles. Ultimately, we believe that sound economic principles in game play will provide the basis for long-term, sustainable entertainment.

Pazzam's Virtual Currency

Pazzam Token

When you pay for virtual goods with real money, you’re really buying digital services. The virtual currency you purchase allows us to track and deliver those services. Each “World” (or “Realm”) will have its own virtual currency based on the core currency we call the Pazzam Token (pictured left). The base price of a Pazzam Token will be US$0.10. When you purchase a Pazzam Token, the VEM will automatically exchange it for the Coin of the Realm in which you play.

We have set up the Kringle's Polar Challenge world, so that each Pazzam Token is automatically converted to an in-game "Sterl." The following table is the basic exchange rate for Kringle’s Polar Challenge world.

Coin of the RealmBase Value in Pazzam TokensBase Value in $US
1 Sterl1$0.10
1 Geld10$1.00

Paying Our Contributors

The Virtual Economy Manger, built upon AreteXtm eCommerce Services, will track monies and automate payouts. Using AreteX capabilities, team members will be able to view real time royalties owned, payment history and scheduled payment dates.

Gifting Backer Tokens

The Virtual Economy Manger will also assure that, when the game goes live, you’ll have the virtual currency in your Pazzam Studio player account that matches your reward level. Normally, transfer of Tokens between players is limited. Backer Tokens, that is Pazzam Tokens given as rewards to our Kickstarter Campaign Backers, may be gifted once to any other player. This transfer can be initiated through your player account.