Our Current Project

“ Kris Kringle - Taking Arctic games to a whole new level. ”

Kris Kringle has agreed to host the first "world" in Pazzam Studio's Road of Realms gaming environment. Support for the first two games in this world is being raised through a Kickstarter.com campaign.

Polar Games are not just for Christmas anymore!

The first two games in this world will be 1) a Facebook social game called, The Official Naughty or Nice Index, and 2) a server-based game called, Snow Fort: Into the Swirling Fray.

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The Offical Naughty or Nice Index

“ You can determine how naughty or nice you really are! ”

Santa has decided to take the unprecedented step of allowing you to directly determine how naughty or nice you really are. This Pazzam web site and Facebook game is a social networking activity designed to allow friends to interact by sending gifts or gags to one another. As gifts are sent, the "nice" score raises. As gags are sent, the "naughty" score increases. There will also be rewards sent to those who are "very nice" or "very naughty."

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Snow Fort: Into the Swirling Fray!

“ Snowball fights taken to a whole new level! ”

Everyone loves a good snowball fight! Here is your chance to pick, coach, and advance a team from the backyard tussle to league play. As a coach, you will need to win games, keep players healthy, equip your team, and strategize to win a season.

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Planned for 2013: The Reindeer Games

“ Does your reindeer have what it takes to help haul Santa's sleigh? ”

Dasher is getting old and Santa is looking for replacements for his run on Christmas Eve. In The Reindeer Games you "adopt" a pet reindeer, train it up, and compete against other reindeer at increasingly difficult levels.

This set of games will extend the Kringle Polar Challenge Realm.

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The Kickstarter Process

We are excited to present our Kringle's Polar Challenge campaign on Kickstarter. We cannot think of a better venue from which to launch our ideas for social networking fun and competitiveness. Not only is Kickstarter the largest platform for crowd funding creative projects, it is also an excellent base from which to gauge the appeal of creative ideas to a large audience before launch. This is a win-win situation in which everyone gets a say. Thank you Kickstarter!

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